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Atlas Hub 1.1 – Balari now online

August 10, 2018 by DW Uncategorized
Atlas Hub 1.1 – Balari now online

A HUGE update to Atlas Hub is now online, this release 1.1 – Balari add lots of new features and various improvements, here are the highlights:

Personal discoveries timeline / log

An awesome visual timeline of your uploaded discoveries, displayed in chronological order. Check out Taienne’s amazing timeline full of critters, or view your own.

User profiles

Another frequently requested feature – you can now setup your own profile that displays:

  • Custom display name
  • Avatar & cover images
  • Number of discoveries uploaded
  • Details of gaming any social platforms you use (Steam, GOG, Playstation, Xbox, Discord & Reddit)
  • Details of any hubs that you are associated with

To edit your profile hit the avatar in the top-bar.

Other minor changes

  • You’ll notice the design has been tweaked slightly, the site has a subtle new background and icons taken directly from the game are now used on discovery pages.
  • Many of you didn’t use the high and low temperature fields when uploading planets, so I’ve simplified these to temperature – to be used for the standard planet temperature and extreme temperature – for displaying the on planet temperature during storms or night time.
  • I’ve removed the wiki export functionality – it was hard to maintain, and as far as I can tell not many of you were using it. That said, if you found it useful I’d love to hear from you so I can improve and re-introduce it in a future version.

The full changelog can be found on the release notes page. I’m already jumping straight in to work on the next round of features. As always, if you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see please drop it in the feature requests form. Or if you encounter a bug, post it here and I’ll fix itASAP.

Happy exploring!

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