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No Man’s Sky VR tidbits – things we’ve learned from various interviews & articles

April 02, 2019 by DW No Man's Sky News
No Man’s Sky VR tidbits – things we’ve learned from various interviews & articles

During GDC last month several gaming news outlets had the chance to talk to Sean Murray about the upcoming release of No Man’s Sky VR and also had the opportunity to play a very limited demo.

Today many of these news outlets released their first impressions of No Man’s Sky VR, most of which were very positive.

Here’s a easy to digest list of everything we’ve learned from the various articles and interviews so far:

  • Heavy focus on optimisation (source)
  • You’ll be able to use your existing save with VR (source)
  • You’ll be able to play with friends who don’t own a VR headset (source)
  • VR specific inventory UI
  • NPCs can now walk around space stations (source)
  • To equip the mining laser you reach over your shouler, into your exosuit
  • VR features new teleportation-based control or normal locomotion to move around (source)
  • PS4 players won’t be forced to use move controllers and will have the option to use DualShock 4 controllers instead (source)
  • Online will expand the number of players you can have in a session, but the actual number is still unknown (source)
  • Gesture based controls to enter and leave ships and vehicles
  • More detailed ship cockpits, added cockpits for exocrafts
  • Hello Games are working on something new (that isn’t No Man’s Sky or The Last Campfire)

We’ll update this list as we uncover more!

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