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BEYOND – release date and everything we know so far

August 09, 2019 by DW No Man's Sky News

It’s official – No Man’s Sky Beyond will launch on Wednesday 14th August, that’s just a few short days away, and as always Hello Games gave us a small look at the update with the Beyond launch trailer (above).

Sean Murray has mentioned several times that this update is the largest yet, various gaming sites have had the chance to play a demo, and interview Sean and it looks like there are many reasons to be excited. Here’s a breakdown of all the things we know so far…


  • 16-32 players, dependant on platform, filled with online friends and strangers.
  • The Nexus – a new social space, without load times. Can be called in any system the player is currently stationed in. Think of this equal to Destiny’s Tower.
  • Includes new shops, missions & story elements.
  • Nada and Polo own The Nexus.
  • The Nexus exists outside of space and time.
  • Can take on multiplayer missions, broadcast to anyone in the Nexus, and form up in “fireteams”, seamlessly exiting into the same system together.
  • “Once you dock at a Nexus, you’ll connect to up to 31 other players, all linked by a mix of Hello Games’ server infrastructure and a peer-server system.“
  • “You’ll also see “screenshots of bases they’ve built on planets” floating near them. These images are firm reminders that anyone in a given Nexus can warp to someone’s base anywhere in the galaxy by interacting with that stranger (should their permissions allow it).
  • Featured Bases – Another feature coming to the Nexus is “featured bases,” which will see Hello Games recognizing user-made content across the game’s galaxy based on factors like popularity among Nexus users. Should a user’s creations become popular enough, every single online player will get a limited-time nudge to warp directly to that base and see it first-hand, if they so choose.
  • Community missions – Accepting these missions will warp players directly to a particular system or planet, where they’ll automatically join a shard of other online players. Completing these rewards players with in-game currency, which can be spent on a new “rewards shop” Community missions WILL NOT be in game at release.
  • Certain planets are also being transformed into social spaces where players can mess around with one another.


  • Supports all major headsets as well as their various control methods.
  • Teleportation movement options as well as direct movement.
  • “Grab the flight stick in one hand and throttle in the other”
  • “Reach out to lift the cockpit up…”
  • Everything that can be done in the base game can be done in VR, meaning you can also join non-VR players with no restrictions (other than them not being able to fist-bump you).
  • VR Controls are fundamentally different, from activating your analysis visor by tapping the side of your head, to navigating menus by physically prodding at holographic displays that wink into existence out of the back of your space-gloves.
  • PS4 players won’t be forced to use move controllers and will have the option to use DualShock 4 controllers instead.
  • “…wanting to be able to just punch the carbon out of an alien plant instead of using my mining laser, and a developer tells me to try it. It works.”
  • You’ll be able to use your existing save with VR.


The third pillar of Beyond is being referred to as No Man’s Sky 2.0, it introduces a number of new features and touches on all areas of the game and gameplay styles so there should be something for everone.

  • NEXT Changelist was roughly 250 changes. Beyond: twice as long.
  • Heavy focus on optimisation.
  • Community-focused approach to fixes and additions.
  • New Galactic Map.
  • New alien races.
  • New languages.
  • Chairs can be sat on.
  • Walking NPC, both in stations and on planets.
  • Expanded base building – industrial elements, logic pieces (think Minecraft’s redstone), electricity grids, teleporters, physics distortion systems.
  • Bigger, more complex bases.
  • Taming, riding, and milking creatures
  • Hello Games has gone to the trouble of making nearly every creature size-compatible with these features, from “huge dinosaurs to tiny rodents.”
  • Create big farms – full of crops to harvest.
  • “The worlds No Man’s Sky generates aren’t just magnificent to behold anymore, they are going to feel properly populated.
  • Menu/discovery log UI being altered.
  • Planets are more dense and more varied (article says planets “Won’t be the same huge boring biome”)

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