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Low Orbit Research Satellite (LORS)

Low Orbit Research Satellite (LORS)

Base Uploaded by ItzRazorFang 1 year ago PS4

The Low Orbit Research Satellite (L.O.R.S) is a research station orbiting the planet Oasos in the Celestial Kingdoms.

The L.O.R.S was refurbished in approx. August-September 2019 by Lord Crow Dar’selli, first Lord of the feudal House Dar’selli faction. It’s stated purpose is research on carbon based flora, atmospheric anomalies, and Sulpherine gas.

The L.O.R.S was recently the subject of a House Chambers Hearing after Lord Cole of neighboring House Fides discovered a weapons terminal on deck, prompting accusations that the satellite was a weapon of Mass Destruction. Ultimately, the allegations were ruled to be false, and the station is still currently used for research operations.

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