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Gold Dawn Sanctuary

Gold Dawn Sanctuary

Base Uploaded by optimus3097 12 months ago Xbox

Gold Dawn Sanctuary is a small city built over the waters of the Olympian Ocean on Valeria. This base serves both as a personal settlement for the Director of the HCIS, and as the official Capital building.
Notable features include the docks, the Gardens (which float only a few feet off the sea floor below the surface, and are ever-expanding), and the Rotunda in the center.
All Helian Council meetings take place in the Council Room, located in the Rotunda. This room may also serve as a general meeting room for Galactic affairs involving the Confederation.
The Floating Gardens are free to use for everyone. While not a high profit farm, it does produce the materials for a single Circuit Board, with room for extra Heat Capacitors. Enough to make a quick million units!
All are free to visit as they please, it is just advised you make your approach in your starship slowly, and be weary of your frame rate lock, as it is a decently sized build.

If you do visit, please be mindful that it is not quite fully decorated inside yet!

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