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Celab Galactic Dinopark

Celab Galactic Dinopark

Base Uploaded by Celab99 11 months ago PC

Celab Galactic Dinopark is a player base, located at Latitude/Longitude + 33.54 / + 82.12 on Cel-Nazaifus I in the AGT Nazaifus star system.

The base is for encouraging tourism and viewing of the various fauna on the planet. The main attraction is viewing large herds of X.Cloudyepum throughout the valley nearby. The base currently features a ground level and a tower level observation viewing gallery. Construction is under way for a Galactic Glitch Collection exhibition in the museum wing. As of 20 March 2019, this base is still undergoing regular construction updates.

The base is conveniently located only 500ui from the planetary portal. At least two other bases are in the process of being built nearby by other travellers.

It is operated by traveller Celab99, the sole owner of CELAB Galactic.



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