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AGT:LW24 – Husk of Ogki Impglo Labs

AGT:LW24 – Husk of Ogki Impglo Labs

Structure Uploaded by AGT Lupis Wolfe 9 months ago PC

Location: Ancegi Yiffsen
Coordinates: -33.58, -86.39

I noticed this ruined structure when I came over some hills and took a look around. There's often supplies left for the taking, either because tenants abandoned the place in a hurry or...just don't need them anymore. Upon entering, there was a soft hum that I could hear...it wasn't from any one outside source. It felt like it was coming from inside my head. The main prize lay within the terminal before me, very unwelcoming in appearance with its viscous, moving goo and pointed fangs. Through no small feat of willpower, I managed to clear the gunk away and access the nanites within.

The longer I stayed there, the dizzier I felt, so it was a relief once I had the place fully ransacked and could get out of there. On the way, however, a strange, crystalline egg got underfoot. I barely heard its chitinous shell crack over the loud din of angry family members emerging from the ground. After a brief firefight [and a few eggs collected for the AGT to examine], I manged to escape with my life intact.

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