V2.0 Beta 1

July 29th 2023

After shutting down Atlas Codex has now relaunched. The new version has been built from scratch and optimised for speed, better storage of media, reduced costs and flexibility for future improvements.

Seeing as this is a completely new version not all features from Atlas Codex will be available during the beta, however I will be working to add the most used features back as quickly as possible. V2.0 beta 1 includes the following:

  • User accounts
    • Ability to change basic profile information & password
    • Options to set upload defaults (platform, game mode & galaxy)
  • Discovery uploads
    • Upload planets, moons, ships, multi-tools, fauna, flora & freighters
    • Support for one image per discovery (additional images & gallery functionality will be added in a future beta)
    • Support for rich information using in-game properties
    • Support for galactic coordinates and/or portal addresses
      • When entering galactic coordinates portal addresses will be added automatically
    • Ability for users to edit their own discoveries
  • Browse discoveries
    • Browse by all discoveries, or by specific category
  • Technical
    • Media assets are stored on and served from a CDN
    • Flexible support for in-game properties allowing for easier site updates when a new version of the game is released
    • Support for indexing rich meta, allowing advanced filtering & search to be enabled in a future release