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A guide to uploading discoveries to Atlas Hub

July 04, 2018 by DW Atlas Codex Guide
A guide to uploading discoveries to Atlas Hub

At the core of Atlas Hub is the discoveries database, where you can browse and upload discoveries with detailed information. In this brief guide we’ll focus on why you might want to upload to the database and how to do so.

Why should I upload to the discoveries database?

There are a couple of key reasons you might want to upload your discoveries to Atlas Hub:

Ultimately, if you’re a true No Man’s Sky explorer, you’ll probably already know why you want to upload your discoveries.

Screenshot everything

This goes without saying, but to effectively upload discoveries you should take multiple screenshots of anything you plan to upload. Be sure to screenshot the detail screens (shown below) whenever you first enter a system, land on a planet, or scan flora & fauna, etc. These screenshots provide a quick glance reference when adding your discoveries to Atlas Hub. Additionally screenshotting while using your scanning tool can provide useful information.

Alternatively, if you want to find data on past encounters, you can use the in-game ‘Discoveries’ section, although not all data will be visible here.

Transfer screenshots ready to upload

Ironically, due to platform limitations the most fiddly part of uploading your discoveries is getting your screenshots from your gaming system to Atlas Hub (if you’re on anything other than PC). I’ve separated the best methods into another guide:

  • Locating your screenshots on PC
  • Transferring screenshots from PS4 to your PC
  • Transferring screenshots from Xbox to your PC

Upload to Atlas Hub

Once you have all of your screenshots and data ready you can upload them to Atlas Hub. I’ve tried to keep the interface as simple as possible to do so. Firstly ensure you’re registered and logged in, then hit the ‘Upload discovery’ button, from here you’ll be able to pick the type of discovery you want to upload.

The upload screens contain multiple inputs and dropdowns depending on your discovery type. For example if you decide to upload a planet you’ll see options to add information about the planets biome, weather, temperature, available resources, portal addresses, etc. The most effective and quickest way to populate these fields is to use your detail screenshots. All dropdowns are searchable and populated with in game data, making it a breeze to complete.

That’s it!

Uploading to Atlas Hub really is as simple as that. Any discoveries you upload will be appropratley tagged and indexed so that they can be easily found by you, and other Atlas Hub users.

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