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Upcoming content roadmap

August 10, 2018 by Azhaiel Atlas Codex News
Upcoming content roadmap

Greetings Travellers!

With this first article as content editor for the Atlas Hub, I figured it would be wise to lay out a roadmap for what sort of articles to expect in the near future. So without further delay, here is the current roadmap!

  • New players guide: Starting out in No Man’s Sky
  • Changes to game via NEXT (And hotfix summaries)
  • Guides for placing technology, refiner use tutorial, how to best earn units, etc.
  • Hidden features and secrets in No Man’s Sky
  • Highlights of various features of the Atlas Hub
  • Profile and discovery spotlights on the Atlas Hub
  • Monthly contests!
  • Interviews with key community figures
  • Player made fan art. This can include videos, screenshots, writing, drawings, etc.
  • Short stories based on player submitted experiences

These and many more articles are planned for the future! They will be coming relatively frequently, depending on my schedule. Hope that you enjoy the content, and look forward to some of the more fun articles to come in the near future!

If there are any questions or suggestions for articles feel free to message me on Discord at Seres#9604.

Happy exploring Travellers, and good luck with your adventures in the universe!


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