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Atlas Hub March 2019 update

March 14, 2019 by DW Atlas Codex News
Atlas Hub March 2019 update

Atlas Hub has seen substantial growth since I launched the site in August last year. There’s been a steady stream of uploads and activity, I believe it might now be the largest database of No Man’s Sky discoveries out there, so a HUGE thanks to everyone who has contributed in some way. Here’s a breakdown of some of the Atlas Hub stats:

Help keep Atlas Hub alive

The downside to the growth of Atlas Hub is that the costs of running the site are rising quite quickly, these costs are currently paid for from my personal funds. If you enjoy using the site please consider becoming a Patreon supporter, even a tiny pledge helps and these funds only ever go towards Atlas Hub.

Another great way to support Atlas Hub is simply to keep using it and sharing your discoveries to Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Discord so that it becomes more visible to the community. Discoveries you upload to Atlas Hub can contain huge amounts of detail, so it’s THE best way to share discoveries, details and locations with fellow explorers. Even if you’re not planning to share discoveries you can use Atlas Hub to keep a journal of your own journey and findings.

I have no doubt that Hello Games will announce a huge NMS update very soon, and I’m excited to see what’s next. Hello Games just announced a huge updated titled No Man’s Sky: Beyond, which will launch this summer.

Keep exploring and sharing!

If you’d like to help maintain Atlas Hub or contribute / curate community content I’d love to hear from you.

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