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Atlas Codex – preparations for Beyond

August 10, 2019 by DW Atlas Codex News
Atlas Codex – preparations for Beyond

The Beyond update is just a few days away, and there are so many things to be excited for!

When the update releases Atlas Codex will breifly go offline and the default game version will be switched to Beyond, from then on any discoveries you upload will automatically be tagged for the Beyond version (unless you specify otherwise). Previously uploaded discoveries will still be visible, and you’ll be able to browse these using the version filter.

There will likely be a handful of new items, biomes, weather conditions and a ton of other properties in-game that will need to be added to the Atlas Codex. If you come across any when you’re uploading discoveries feel free to ping me on Discord, or fill in this form. I’ll add them as quickly as possible.

Side note: if the properties are missing when you upload your discovery you can always come back and edit them in later.

While Hello Games have been working on Beyond I’ve been working on V2 of Atlas Codex, I originally planned to release the update alongside Beyond but realised that changes to the game will likely have an impact on some of the features I’ve been working on, so V2 will release a couple of weeks later. I’ll share more details about this soon!


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