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Atlas Codex boot sequence complete…

March 29, 2019 by DW Atlas Codex News
Atlas Codex boot sequence complete…

There has always been a little confusion around the name Atlas Hub, having spoke to many Interlopers they often tell me that they thought it was an established hub similar to The Galactic Hub, but this has never actually been the case.

To help clear the confusion Atlas Hub has adopted a new name, The Atlas Codex. I’m super excited about the new name, hopefully one which I’m sure you’ll all agree makes more sense given the nature of the website.

The goal of The Atlas Codex isn’t to compete with established hubs, but instead to act as a tool or resource to help share discoveries, find information or stay up-to-date with the community. Atlas Codex is a resource that should be useful to any keen No Man’s Sky player.

With details of No Man’s Sky: Beyond slowly emerging excitement is growing… rapidly. Over the coming weeks I’ll be introducing new features and tools that I hope will be useful to everyone. It’s a very exciting time to be a part of the No Man’s Sky universe.

If you have any feature suggestions or feedback for The Atlas Codex feel free to ping me on Discord (DW#0001), or send an email my way.


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